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Why is this a problem?

What is Unsplash?

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// We import the model class.
use App\Model\Image;
// Create a new instance.
$image = new Image();
// Use a property of the model.
echo $image->authorName;

What are Repositories?

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What is Electron?

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What is a Service Layer?

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How to have several PHP versions installed in macOS, and use them with the built-in web server, having Xdebug available.

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Logging is just something I’m used to, and I don’t recall when I started to use it and noticed its importance.

But we should change this way of thinking.

In this article I will be talking about logging, and what you need to know about it when using Heroku.

Table of Contents1. Logging: what are the best practices?
1.1 Be aware of the levels
1.2 What is your default log level?
1.3 For each level address channels
1.4 Log retention policy
1.5 Logging personal information or secrets
1.6 Use the appropriate tools
1.7 Same log format in every environment
2. Heroku Logging Overview
2.1 Logplex, sources, and drains
2.2 Heroku and file-based logging
2.3 Heroku and Syslog or Database drains
2.4 Troubleshooting with Heroku logs

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